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Lacanche (Classic)
Lacanche Moderne

28" - 36" Ranges, Small and Mighty

All the power, style and tradition of Lacanche in a small package! One or two ovens, large or small, 3 to 6 burners, the choice is yours!

40" Ranges, Flexible Performance

The 40" Lacanche series gives you the flexibility of choosing between one, two or three ovens! From the petite broiler oven on Chagny to the convenient warming cupboard on Volnay & Vougeot, there is a 40" Lacanche for you!

44" Ranges, Powerful Elegance

These ranges allow you to combine the basic elements of all Lacanche ranges with professional cooking options such as the plancha or the gas grill with its chargill accessories for your most gourmet cooking experience.

55" Ranges, Elegance and Versatility

These highly-desirable ranges offer multiple possibilities of combining professional options with basic elements to obtain a Lacanche cooking range that looks and performs beautifully.

60" Ranges, Iconic Distinction

These ranges are the icons of Lacanche! The choice of a large gas or electric oven at the centre, with a simmer oven and an electric oven on either side makes them the perfect balance between art and performance in your kitchen.

71" Ranges, Distinction with a Plus

These ranges are the perfect combination of versatility and performance. Make a statement and unleash your inner chef's skills on your new Lacanche range!

87" Range, The Masterpiece

The Sully 2200 range is a class of its own. Endless possibilities, top performance, grandiose design. Indulge yourself with the ultimate Lacanche experience!