French Expressions for your next trip

Be ready for your next trip to France!

While most waiters, bartenders and hotel staff in France will do their best to help you out in English, it’s always good to know some French to truly enjoy our beautiful country!

From the basics of “Bonjour” and “Merci” to the ever-important “Où est la boulangerie la plus proche, s’il vous plait?” (Where is the closest bakery, please?), here are just a few useful expressions to remember:

Where is the rental car desk, please? Où se trouve la location de voitures, s’il vous plait?

Which train goes to (Paris)? At what time? Quel train se dirige vers (Paris)? A quelle heure?

What time is breakfast served? A quelle heure le petit déjeuner est-il servi?

I’ll have a coffee, please. Un café, s’il vous plait.

I’m looking for the tourist information office. Je cherche l’office du tourisme.

I’ll have a glass of Burgundy wine, please. Je vais prendre un verre de vin de Bourgogne, s’il vous plait. (this is really the only one you need to know about!)

Red or white? Rouge ou blanc?

Ready to go? Check out this article or send us a note if you can’t find what you have in mind!

A bientot, et bon voyage!

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