A Journey into another Dimension

[dropcap letter=”A”]t first glance, this looks like a picture-perfect “barn find”: a Citroen Traction from the 1940’s, covered in dust and hay, rusting away in a French barn, waiting for a passionate soul to restore it.

If no one told you differently, this might just be the end of that story. Well, it turns out that this stunning scene is just one example of what is on display at the Miniature Museum in Lyon, only 2 hours south of Lacanche, in France!

Restaurant Maxim's miniature recreation

Restaurant Maxim’s in Paris

Imagined by Dan Ohlmann, this museum features some of the best miniature work in the world with a wide variety of scenes and subjects, created by the most talented miniature artists. From the famous Restaurant Maxim’s in Paris to a prison hall and a Brooklyn loft, over 100 hyper-real scenes await visitors for a journey to a vast, small world!

ohlmann museum miniature

Dan Ohlmann “inside” his Natural Museum of Natural History

The museum is open year-round, so make sure to include it in your next trip to France!

All pictures courtesy of the MMC Lyon


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