The Land of a Thousand Lakes – Finland

Well, truth be told, there are over 188,000 lakes in Finland!

Finland is indeed best known for its natural wonders, but there is so much more to discover there! Finland is like no other country in Europe: its language is not related to any other,  Finnish people can seem a little weird and shy at first (in a good way, speaking from experience!), and of course, it’s the official home of Santa!

One of the best ways to experience the authentic Finn culture is to visit one of the three million saunas in the country, either in public access or at your local friends’ home. Yes, you read that right! Three million saunas for five million inhabitants, a world-record no other country can begin to approach!

water temperature in Tampere, Finland

-3C outside, water at 1C, perfect for a day at the sauna!

Finns like to say that only they do sauna the right way. 90C – 110C (200F – 230F) is about the right temperature, anything less is just “warm enough to read the newspapers”. After about 5-10 minutes inside, a dip into a nearby frozen lake is sure to get your blood flowing! And if this isn’t enough, there are usually barbecues set up around the sauna to grill yourself a few “makkara” (sausages).

Swimming in a frozen lake

Walking towards a public sauna for the first time, all bundled up in -30C weather, and seeing a crowd of young and not-so-young Finns in swimsuits (or not!) going back and forth between the lake and the sauna, is something you will not soon forget!

Source Galaxy Fm

Source Galaxy Fm

Here are 20 more good reasons to visit Finland, and if you have been there or plan to visit, please give us your impressions in the comments section!


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