Indoor Grilling

It’s no secret that Canadians like their barbecue, but even the most dedicated “grillers” out there may be tempted to stay inside when the temperature hovers around or below -20C.

Just because you have to stay inside doesn’t mean that you have to give up your weekly T-bone steak! Indoor gas grills are a great alternative and can easily replace an outdoor BBQ for the winter.

lacanche gas grill

Whether you choose a stand-alone grill, or a unit integrated into a larger cooking range, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Ventilation: grilling creates lots of smoke that needs to be removed from your kitchen. A good ventilation system, ducted to the outside, is essential to minimize smoke and odors inside. Your HVAC contractor can help in determining the best option while taking into account the overall ventilation needs of your home. If you opt for a stove with an integrated grill, you should choose a ventilation system at the higher end of the CFM range provided by the manufacturer.
  • Gas hook-up: a stand-alone grill will require a dedicated gas line. If you already have a supply line in your kitchen, it should be easy for a licensed plumber to extend / reroute it to the proper location. ALWAYS have a licensed contractor do the work, and make sure that the work is approved by a local inspector, as required by your municipal bylaws. If the grill is part of a larger cooking range, no separate gas line is required.
  • Clearance: always consult with the appliance manufacturer to confirm the clearance required above and besides your indoor grill.
  • Grill or griddle: an indoor gas grill will give you the best results, but is not always feasible. If you already have a gas range, another option is to use a griddle that will sit over 1 or 2 burners. The griddle gives you a hot surface to grill on, and can easily be removed for cleaning. There are many different sorts of griddles, smooth or “ridged”, range-specific or generic. As with all other cooking accessories, a good-quality cast-iron griddle will ensure years of trouble-free winter grilling!
ridged griddle plate lacanche

The ridged griddle plate sits perfectly over 2 burners on this Lacanche range.

A gas grill is available on almost all of our 44″and up Lacanche ranges, and of course, our griddle accessories can be used on any pair of two burners, giving you maximum flexibility!

Happy grilling!

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