Our Clients Story - Michael & Scott - Lacanche Canada
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Michael & Scott - Chagny 1800

The love story between Michael, Scott and Lacanche started a long time ago, when they visited the future birthplace of their range in Burgundy, during a trip to France!
When the time finally came to renovate their 100-year-old home in Nova Scotia, Michael and Scott set their hearts on this stunning Chagny 1800. The Matt Black enamel and Brass finishes are nicely complemented by the chandeliers over the island, while the custom cabinetry around the range provides just enough storage for cooking essentials.
In Scott's own words after using their Chagny for the first time, "we had pasta for dinner this evening and Mike wanted me to tell you that he's never had pasta water come to a boil so fast in his life!".

The renovation of Michael and Scott's historic home was a true labor of love, and we are very happy to see another Lacanche range in such a stunning kitchen!

71" Lacanche Chagny 1800 - Matt Black & Brass
Tradition top - Gas Grill - 18,000 BTU burner
Ovens: broiler oven, electric oven, gas oven, 2 warming cupboards.

Custom Cabinetry: Michael Deluca Woodworking

Architect: Vincent den Hartog

Follow Michael and Scott's adventure on their Cedar Crest blog!

  • Large kitchen with Black and Brass chandeliers
  • Butcher block Island top
  • Lacanche Chagny 1800 in alcove
  • Chagny 1800 with pot filler
  • Custom hood fan enclosure
  • Custom curved cabinet
  • Custom-made book shelf