Lacanche Chagny range, in Cherry Red

Lacanche Chagny range, in Cherry Red

Lacanche is a small village in the heart of Burgundy, France.

The 200-year-old factory still produces some of the finest, custom-made French cooking stoves recognized all over the world.

Here are just a few of the lovely comments we received from Lacanche owners:

“We loved the traditional plate in the center as it allowed us to do ‘perfectly simmered’ sauces without burning. Our range is my favorite ‘art piece’ in our home and we love to cook roast chicken in the gas oven in a LeCreuset cast iron pot and we love to cook sugar cookies in the electric oven.  I will always have a Lacanche range in any home we move to as the quality surpasses any other range we have ever used.”  – Rachelle, Calgary, AB.

 “The range is wonderful.  We hosted a couple parties over the holidays and having the range of burners and warming oven is a real treat.  The searing plate is my favorite accessory – it’s great for cooking steaks and we use it every couple of weeks.  We’re very happy with the purchase.” Mark, Ontario.

” We have baked our first turkey in the Chagny last weekend and were thrilled with the results, including a much shorter bake time in the gas oven. Thank you so much!!!” Alicja and Paul, Alberta.

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