Our Clients Story - Denise & Adrien - Lacanche Canada
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Denise & Adrien - Beaune

Beaune range in Tangerine

"What's in a name?

I simply love being in the kitchen. So, when deciding to renovate our kitchen, choosing a good quality range was important. And just as important: The range had to look real nice. Colour was essential (after all, I am female)! I wanted my kitchen to have a happy joyful feel. When making key decisions, the story behind the name is important. So the search began.

Lacanche ranges are not well known around here – unfortunately. The Lacanche story is quite amazing: 200 years of dedicated and personalized craftsmanship. I have found out that behind the brand name stands a lot of experience and know-how, along with huge doses of pride, workmanship and attention to detail. How can you beat that? But let’s face it, Lacanche ranges are a sizeable investment. So, after considerable research and speaking with folks at The French Barn, I felt confident with my decision to purchase a Lacanche range to include in my renovated dream kitchen, a decision I have not regretted one bit. But, first: choose a colour! And close 2nd, choose a model.

Back to a name…
My dear mother was married at the age of 16 to a Beaulne with ancestors from the town of Beaune, France. She passed away in 2018 at the age of 94 and, although widowed 3 times, she remained a Beaulne. And a proud one. Me too. In 2019, I purchased my Lacanche range and chose the Beaune model, so named after the town of Beaune located 25km away from the village of Lacanche, to honor my mother and my roots. I asked if they could inscribe the Beaune name on the range. I was assured that, being a family type business, they would totally find a way to do so. And they did.

Lacanche Beaune in Tangerine and Brushed Stainless

So, what’s in a name?

Pride. And a story. And Lacanche has something to be proud of. Me too - proud to be a Beaulne.

And when visitors ooh la la my orange coloured range? Double proud of my Lacanche range. To top it all off, it can cook! The ovens keep the heat impressively well. Having two ovens is extremely useful. The vertical oven is so handy and with five racks/shelves you can cook an amazing amount of food. Being vertical, makes it so easy to reach different pans on their own shelf rather than having to move things around or reach behind in a more traditional range layout. Big decision: yes. Regrets: none. "

--- Denise Beaulne

Lacanche Beaune in Tangerine and Brushed Stainless

36" Lacanche Beaune - Tangerine & Brushed Stainless
Classique 6 top
Ovens: electric oven (main), electric convection oven (side).

Photo credit: Adrien Duey Photography