Our Clients Story - Brandis & Ryan - Lacanche Canada
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Brandis & Ryan - 44" Saulieu

This lovely couple and their 4 kids recently moved into their new home in Calgary, Alberta. The traditional design of their kitchen, living room and dining room is the perfect setting for this 44” Lacanche Saulieu.
Brandis and Ryan chose the Matt Black enamel color for their range as it creates a nice contrast to the surrounding white cabinetry.
Before the little ones get ready to play in the park surrounding the house, they get to enjoy Ryan’s Sunday breakfast specialty, Eggs Benedict!

44" Lacanche Saulieu - Classique 3 top + 2 burners
Large oven: gas, Side oven: convection electric.

  • Family cooking together
  • Large white kitchen
  • Lacanche range top with blue Le Creuset
  • Lacanche Saulieu in Matt Black
  • Brass and Chrome Lacanche knobs
  • White kitchen island and chandelier
  • Light kitchen cabinetry surrounding a Lacanche range
  • Two pots on a Lacanche stove
  • White cabinetry around Matt Black range
  • Mother and child preparing lunch
  • Large open kitchen with custom-made wood table