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Lacanche Chagny range, in Cherry Red

Lacanche Chagny range, in Cherry Red


Lacanche is a small village nestled in the heart of Burgundy, France. It is also the birthplace of “the greatest stove on Earth” (Bloomberg, May 2016).  Perpetuating a tradition dating back to the 18th century, each range is made by hand to your exact specifications by a team of skilled artisans, using only the finest materials.

Lacanche is also one of the last family-owned manufacturer of authentic French stoves. Staying true to its roots, Lacanche’s approach to the global market is centered around creating the best cooking range for our discerning customers rather than chasing sales numbers.

Building on its impressive heritage, Lacanche is also looking forward to the future with the recent introduction of the Moderne line, combining the craftsmanship and personality of the Classic collection with a contemporary styling.

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The French Barn

Floriane and Patrick, moved by their desire to share their passion of the French culture, cuisine and unmistakable refinement epitomized by Lacanche, launched The French Barn in 2012.

The French Barn’s connection with Lacanche started with Patrick’s great-grandfather, Camille, who worked in the factory’s shipping department from the 1920’s to his retirement in the late 1960’s. His grandfather Louis and father Jean-Claude followed in Camille’s footsteps. Louis was in charge of the enameling process, his job often consisting of walking into a large high-heat furnace to place and pick up pieces that would later become part of the stoves. This might explain why he was often seen wearing a light jacket on even the warmest days of summer!

Born and raised in France, Floriane moved to Canada in 2005 to pursue a successful career in Neuroscience. Patrick joined her the following year. As early as 2009, they both realized the absence of any true professional-grade options for high-end residential home cooking in Canada. Lacanche was the obvious answer and an easy decision given their personal connections with the village!